GWASdb is a one stop shop which combines collections of traits/diseases associated SNP (TASs) from current GWAS and their comprehensive functional annotations, as well as disease classifications. We aim to help researchers and clinicians to maximize the utilility of the most recent GWAS data and gain biological insights through an integrative, multi-dimensional functional annotation portal. Registered with NIF

The database provides following functions:
(i) In addition to all the TASs attained genome-wide significance (P-value < 5 x 10-8), we manually curated the TASs that are marginally significant (P-value < 10-3) by looking into the supplementary materials of each original publication;
(ii) Extensive functional annotations and predictions for those TASs across multiple domains;
(iii) Furthermore, we have manually mapped those TASs by phenotype according to Disease Ontology (DO), Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) for easy access.
(iv) Besides the SNP-trait association, we also collect SNP-Drug Response data.
(v) Comprehensive and interactive user interface to facilitate the GWAS research.

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